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More Creative? I’m Completely Uncreative!

I’ve heard people say, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body. Which is frequently followed by, “I can’t even draw a straight line!”

News flash: Creativity is so much more than drawing and you don’t have to know how to draw to be creative!

Creativity is simply a matter of looking at the world in a new way, seeing new possibilities and new relationships between existing ideas and bringing those ideas to life. It is using your imagination in a way that is uniquely yours. Every one of us has an imagination that is as individual as our fingerprints.

Each one of us has a creative imagination inside of us. BUT not everyone knows how to tap into that creative genius. Is your creative power buried deep inside? Do you wish you could let it out? How do you even start?


Be More Creative. It’s Your Hidden Super Power

Get more creative and you will do things that you had previously never imagined you could do. The power to think creatively gives you the power to find effective solutions to any problem that you encounter. Learning to express your creative ideas and bring them to life is how the rest of the world gets to see your genius.


“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.”
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Your Quick Tips To Be More Creative Starting NOW

Find Your Motivation

What interests you? Whether it’s writing or the mechanics of how things work, find an area that you are interested in creatively exploring. In Julia Cameron’s famous book “The Artists’ Way”,  she suggests that you make a weekly date with yourself and go exploring places that interest you in order to find some inspiration. The trick is to go by yourself and hear your own thoughts. This method has worked wonders for me and it’s also fun and relaxing. Even if you are super busy, you can fit an artist’s date into your lunch hour.

Look at the World with Fresh Eyes

Do you remember when you were young and the world was full of excitement? Everywhere you turned there were new and interesting things catching your attention. As we get older and more focused on our ever-pressing list of responsibilities, we stop seeing the world that way. We begin to see only what we expect to see. However, You can change that today, by paying more attention to the world around you. Notice new and different things. Use all of your senses. Then you are on your way to recapturing the sense of wonder you had as a child.


Promise yourself that you will spend time creating and exploring areas of creative interest on a regular basis. Get it on your calendar and show up even if you are not in the mood. Resist the urge to put everything and everyone else first. Then remind yourself that you are making an investment in yourself and that unleashing your inner creative genius is going to make you an even more awesome person than you already are.

Find Your People

You have committed to spending time alone to be inspired and to do your creative work, but sometimes it’s fun and inspiring to have some people to share thoughts and ideas with. You can check out Meetups, local museums, county and library programs and community bulletin boards to find a group of people with a similar interest. I know this can be a little intimidating if you’re shy, but most groups are more than eager to welcome someone that shares their passion.

Smack Down Fear and Guilt

When you feel intimidated by being more creative (and you most likely will at some point) or you feel guilty giving yourself the time you need to learn, it’s time to reframe your thoughts. Let’s say you came up with a great idea for a new product at work but you need some technical input from others to determine how exactly to make your idea work. The thought of sharing your idea sends chills through your veins. Reframe! Remind yourself that you are just exploring an idea and that your idea will never be more than an idea if you don’t get the help you need. Think of your idea as a young plant that needs more nutrients to grow and you are just giving it what it needs.

Have Fun

Give yourself permission to have fun. Have fun like a kid on a playground. Play full out and don’t worry about falling down or being messy. By creating a judgment-free zone for yourself to explore, learn and create, you allow yourself get lost in your own world. You will be amazed at how energized you feel afterward!

Challenge Yourself

Push yourself to try more, learn more. I’m not suggesting that you push yourself to do something that absolutely terrifies you, but take baby steps. Try new things that make you uncomfortable, but not so anxiety filled that you freeze. You’ll find that the more little challenges you give yourself, the more creative confidence you build. At some point, you will be able to look back and see how all the little steps you took created big change.

Keep Some Tricks Up Your Sleeve

When you challenge yourself and learn new ways of thinking and new techniques, you will meet both failure and success. For most of us, that can create some stress. It’s helpful to know upfront what helps you when you need to de-stress. For some of you, that may be meditating or journaling. For me, taking a walk usually helps. Pay attention to the way your body starts to tense and then pull your tricks out of your sleeve. That way you can re-center yourself before you are so anxious that you give up. If you need ideas, check out these tips from the ADAA.


Finish your project. This is one of the biggest challenges for me personally. A project gets difficult or frustrating and a new idea looks so much more appealing. It’s easy to jump ship, abandoning the old project and starting on a new exciting one. We all do this occasionally and some projects are best abandoned. But be sure to finish most of your projects. Finishing is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. It builds both confidence and motivation to tackle more projects and thus it helps you to be even more creative.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Ideas are like unpolished diamonds. You may be able to imagine, but you can’t really see their true beauty until they are cut and polished. In order to bring an idea to life, you need to effectively express that idea. To express your creativity to you will need to learn technical skills. Those skills could be engineering skills, computer design skills, networking skills, writing skills or yes, maybe even some drawing skills. These are all things you can learn with practice, just like you learned to add and multiply or to play the flute. Practice, practice, practice.

It’s Your Personal Win When You Are More Creative

What will nurturing your creative genius and unleashing it on the world do for you? The possibilities are endless: technical innovations, medical cures, novels, better romancing skills or even better Halloween costumes for your kids. Your creative superpower is your responsibility and your gift to the world. Are you still keeping it hidden?

If you need just a little more help getting in touch with your creative genius, you can sign up for my free Creativity Kickstart mini-course here. It’s a fun and painless way to awaken your inner creativity. Just click here to get it.

What creative commitment will you make to yourself?

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