Betsy Conlan, ACC

Certified Professional Coach

life, creativity and entrepreneurial coaching

My MISSION is to help as many people  as I can, create their one of a kind path to their one of a kind life.


I am an escapee from the box!

I have spent a good part of my life making life happen on my terms. It hasn’t always come easily, but it has certainly been worth it. I have worked in accounting, interior design, human resources and life coaching, with lots of other little interesting side jobs. I have an insatiable curiosity and a love of learning and creating things.

I love traveling, spending time outdoors, working in the pottery studio and trying out new skills. My spirit is an adventurous one!

I raised two kids as a single mom, who are now amazing adults, all while living life on my terms. The kids have moved on to live their lives and now I adventure through life with my  husband with plenty of visits with the kids.

My crazy blend of skills and interests are a gift that allow me to creatively merge imagination and the most practical of life skills and to live life fully out of the box. I would love to help you do the same . . . but faster.

Qualification and Credentials

What do I have under my belt that makes me up to the job?

I have been trained and certified by an ICF accredited school. I have both  bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting and once upon a time, I passed the CPA exam.  I have a certificate in interior design. I have owned and operated my own businesses. I have years of experience in both accounting and human resources in the small business and corporate worlds. I’ve lived life, sometimes making plenty of money and other times on a shoestring. I’ve been a parent and was actually also once a child. I live a life outside of the box. I’m walking my talk everyday.

Are you ready to escape your box?