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and live a life that excites, energizes and empowers you. Life is an art. Your life is your masterpiece. I’m here to help you awaken your inner creative genius and live your masterpiece.

Sometimes life becomes like a box with the walls closing in around you. You work hard, play by the rules, you may even look like a huge success, but you still feel the walls closing in. Despair not. You have the ability to break down those walls and to create the life you want to live, even if you are not sure exactly what you want yet. Life is short. Get creative and live it!   Living is an ART and your life is your masterpiece. It is your legacy and how you make your mark on the world. You have the ability to choose what skills and materials you will use to create your masterpiece.  You are the creator of your masterpiece. What will your masterpiece look like?   Making the decision to take ownership of your life is a big decision and partnering with the right coach can help make the changes ahead go a little more smoothly and quickly.  A good coach offers support, motivation and some tools to get you thinking.  She will stretch and challenge you and keep you accountable to each of the actions you decide to take.  In short, your coach is part cheerleader, part butt kicker and part inspiration.
Some of the ways that created life coaching can help you create your masterpiece:


You are as unique as your fingerprint. Create your one of a kind key to escape your box. Click to learn more.


Change can be hard. Learning to embrace change is a the key to living fully. Click to learn more.


Develop your creative thinking skills and your unique creative style. Click to learn more.


Your business is as unique as you are. Build a business and management style that fit you and your company. Click to learn more.

I'm Betsy Conlan

It is my dream to help others find their way out of their boxes . . . a lot more quickly than I did!

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”

                   – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Coaching with Betsy was just what I needed to tap into my creative energy to move my business in the direction I needed it to go.  Throughout the coaching process, Betsy intuitively knew what questions to ask and created an atmosphere of self-discovery. With Betsy as a coach, I have been able to successfully transition from working for someone else to creating my own company and brand.  It was a pleasure to work with such a supportive and professional coach; I highly recommend coaching with Betsy.

Debbie Harris

“I cannot say enough about my experience working with Betsy. She supports me, encourages me, challenges me and guides me in a way that is powerful and effective. Her support is sincere and her honesty is vital to the process of helping me reach my goals. Betsy is full of positivity and authenticity, and her dedication to me as a client was clear from the start. Betsy is a phenomenal coach and I look forward to continuing my work with her.”

Katherine Spinney

Betsy’s incredible energy and positivity are infectious and her dedication as a coach has been instrumental in helping me bring my passion project ideas to life. I can’t thank her enough for believing in me and giving me the support I needed to finally make my once hidden away dreams a reality.
Josette, Program Director at Everyday Feminism

Betsy was able to quickly identify the strategy and tools needed to achieve my goal. She is also skilled in keeping me honest with myself and my commitment to following through and making necessary adjustments in reaching for the goal.

Harry Shelton

Betsy has an infectious energy that aids her clients at reaching higher for goals. She brings creativity to the coaching process with insightful questions.  Betsy also leaves a sense of being present in every session, even from miles away. Enjoyed every session and lead to many everlasting changes.

Dana Mortellaro

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